🚀AAZZUR API Documentation

Welcome to the AAZZUR API Documentation. On this page, you will be guided on how you can get started with the APIs.


Getting started with APIs can be really difficult but we have got you covered every step of the way whether it is making your first request or implementing our APIs in your mobile app. To get started with our APIs, please follow the steps mentioned in Authentication Workflow so that you understand the workflow of the requests and how are they working.

Base URLs

The base URL is the first part of the URL that represents the environment of the system. You will have to replace the base URLs when you make a request to the server. For instance, you will see that almost all of the request URLs will start with localhost:PORT. But if you make a request to the localhost, it will not work as the localhost represents the local server only. If you have a test server to try the APIs then you can replace the base URL with the localhost URL of your own development server.

If you are working with the production server then you will have to replace the production URL with the base URL as well to work in the production environment.

Explore Endpoints

The endpoints are added in the Endpoints sections for you to explore. The endpoints work together to make the features work. Explore the APIs added in the Endpoints but please do remember that some of the endpoints will not work unless you are authenticated and make the request with a valid access token.


If you need help regarding anything whether you are trying to contact us or maybe you are confused about something, please visit the Help Section to know more about how you can get help easily and securely.

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